Dreaming of Greenland


As the sun strengthens, our crew (Chris Polashenski, Zoe Courville, Nate Stewart, and Mike Stewart) is hard at work planning the final details for our spring traverse of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Over the course of 40 days in the field we will collect snow samples, install weather-monitoring stations, and record observations at regular intervals along a 2100 mile route. We plan to chronicle our adventures and misadventures along the way, so stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Dreaming of Greenland

    • Mama Maggie,
      Thanks for your warm wishes and support. I am so glad that we had the chance meet before our departure! You are an inspriation yourself, and we look forward to writing with you as we go along. Big Hugs from Chris and I, Mike

    • Capt Jerry,
      Great to see you here man, I loved the snow machine photo! Yeah, this sailor will be scratching his head up there, a fish up on the ice chest. Jerry, your humor will be worth it’s weight in gold, so nice to have you pitching in. My best to you, Mike

      • Dear Mike and Nate,

        The local bi-monthly is interested in a brief article on the trek. Can you send a large format shot of the two of you outdoors and Arctish?

        Travel with God—Don

      • Great Don,
        We’ll send along a photo and keep up with descriptions of the science and sights as we go. Hope you’re having a great Spring in the hill country
        Love Mike

  1. Hi Guys,
    Lots of people here in Virginia are following your blog entries. You each write well and put us right there with you! Love, Dad

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