After an action packed week of making our final preparations we drove down to Stratton Air Base in Schenectady, NY late on Thursday night, hoping to catch a couple hours sleep before heading onto the base at 5:45 AM. A few minor mechanical delays later and we were airborne on a Air National Guard LC-130 Hercules bound for Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.Image


At a quick stop in Goose Bay, Newfoundland for fuel, we got to spend a few minutes in the lounge, clearly intended for a more refined clientele, based on the cushy leather couches and private jet magazines offering aircraft for modest sum’s in the ‘low millions’. Free ice cream though made the stop a real highlight for the science team and a poster back at the Guard base appeared to be appropriate commentary on the differences between LC-130 travel and that on a Gulfstream. High comfort or not, the plane did its job of delivering us safely and sleep was forthcoming for all!ImageImage


By some luck Mike and Chris landed on either side of one of the very few windows in the plane. Some amazing scenery out the window during the last hour of the flight included broken up sea ice (Chris’s other research passion) and the sunken mountain ranges, deep fjords, and snow covered peaks along the Greenland coast.


Now we’re in Kangerlussuaq and will be spending the next day or so getting additional gear like satellite phones, modems, fuel cans, and snow machine parts being supplied by Polar Field Services checked out before we head up to Summit camp on top of the ice sheet.

3 thoughts on “Kangerlussuaq

  1. Hi Mike and Nate: You were in Schenectady?? That is about 20 min away from us in Saratoga Springs. Are you guys passing through again on your way back? We’d love to host you for a night or just as happy to drive down and meet you for a quick layover. Let me know! Will be following along. So cool that you are together on this adventure. Amazing. Enjoy and be safe! Btw, Claire Pettersen was at Summit last summer I think. Cool. X

    • Anna!
      That would be so special to see you and your family on our return leg. We should be passing through between the 7th to 8th of June. I would love for you to meet Chris, too. He would have been a great fit with our gang at Carleton. Huge hugs to you Anna. We have had so many moments in the last decade of sweeping near to one another! It will be a treat to laugh and share stories again.
      Nate and I send our love (by the way, he’s in the jungle in Belize today leading the BU marine biology field camp there…and will fly out tonight, go through Denmark on the commercial flight, trade his flip flops for a thigh high pile of gear, and join us up at Summit by then end of the week!!) At least it will be easy to tell us apart, he’ll be 8 shades darker than me!
      Nate and I send our love to you

      • Aw bud, just seeing this reply! Darn! How was it???? Must catch up soon. Love anna

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