To Summit… soon


Woke up to a heavy dusting of fresh snow on the ground here in Kangerlussuaq and somewhat gray skies – a notable change in this town selected as a U.S. cold war airbase ( Sondrestrom Air Base) for its amazingly stable weather. Reports from Summit this morning looked good though, winds are down and temperatures are dropping again.



After getting up early, wolfing down breakfast, packing our rooms up, and lining up excitedly at the door like schoolchildren getting ready for recess, we got the bad news that the plane was down for a 2 hr mechanical delay. So we’ve all milled back to the various corners we’ve staked out for work over the past few days.

Over a lot of time spent waiting for aircraft to be ready to fly in the past few years, its slowly dawned on me that no matter how eager I am to get going, the mechanics should probably take their sweet time making sure the plane is good to go, and the pilot should be pretty happy about the weather before I get in! With that (slightly forced) zen mindset, we’ll be working through some computer software issues and otherwise passing the time with minor preparations.

2 thoughts on “To Summit… soon

  1. Way to through the ultimate oxymoron into a blog post, Krissi. Sounds like a metal band: Forced Zen. Why are you starting your journey at summit, and not Thule?

  2. Brr! A temperature of -40˚C at Summit seems awfully chilly! I hope you guys make it to Summit soon, and am looking forward to future blog posts. All the best, Kaitlin.

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