Crispy Cold Cargo!


“Exploding” the pallet and herding the gear




Working in the long evening light

 After resting and acclimatizing in the Big House for 6 hours, we began to slowly start walking around and doing easy tasks. The first of which was helping our cook, Sarah, load the fresh food up the ladderway and into the galley. Because of the elevation, 10,530 ft, this had our hearts pounding and huffing to catch our breath! With a little more rest though, we started to feel ready to tackle our Air Force T-2 pallet. This is the van-sized pile containing the entire set of science gear, food, empty fuel cans, tools, two snow machines, and parts…. all packed tighter than a tin of sardines, and ratcheted tight with cargo nets. After that set of weather days in Kangerlussuaq, we were ready to play King of the Hill! 7 hours later we had dragged and corralled the stow into a series of piles. And by the last light of the evening we had each tied down tightly, just as the moon broke over the horizon.



Crispy clear night!



Nice to have a familiar piece of Alaska here! Arctic Ovens are made in Fairbanks


Early Thursday morning (after two strong cups of coffee) we went right back into preparations, full swing. Chris worked with Doug and Don in the S.O.B. (Science Operations Barn) tinkering around on the snow machines, adding our custom home made parts, and getting them ready to be fired up. 


Zoe loading fuel into our gas jugs


Zoe and I pumped fuel for 11 hours! The hose was like a golf club, completely rigid and unbendable in the deeply negative temperatures! We moved 14 fifty-five gallon drums into 80 jugs with hand crank pumps…. A job which took us right up to nightfall. On the left side of the photo above you can get a first look at one of our fuel sleds, lashed down and nearly ready for the journey. 


The S.O.B., Science Operations Barn, chugging along at -50 F

   The day came to a close with a steadily building wind. The three of us barely made it to our tents afer warming up in the Big House with hot cups of tea. Tomorrow the weather is set to move in, with winds building to 25 knots by afternoon… We’ll have to wear all the gear we have and dig our heels in to keep at the pace we’ve set.

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