Headed out

Quick post for tonight.

We got our fuel this afternoon, packed in the rest of the gear around it, and headed out for what we’ll call a trial run. A couple small problems with the loads turned us back to get things lashed down a bit differently. The evening was gorgeous and our course NW had us  going into the setting sun for a few minutes. The loads are properly stowed now, and with a storm coming tomorrow, we are going to get a few hours rest tonight here at Summit, get up early and try to push north before the storm hits.

2 thoughts on “Headed out

  1. Another piece for the first push:

    “‘The ship was cheered, the harbour cleared,
    Merrily did we drop
    Below the kirk, below the hill,
    Below the lighthouse top.”

    It seems that, despite the wrinkles, things are being ironed out nicely with everyone working so well. There’s not much more valuable than a solid team.
    Keep your heads low and away from that weather.
    Best of luck to you!

  2. Bon Voyage, We’ll be following you.
    Say”hi” to Cap’n Mike for me. I wish I was going too.

    Russ @ lat 65

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