Fuel Cache In; Headed back for science gear

m_drifted in

Machines drifted in in the morning






Wind kept up right through the night last night while we were packed up cozy
in the tent. While we tried to motivate this morning to get out of the tent
winds kept ebbing just enough to tease us out, then building back to
sled-tipping, going-nowhere conditions. Conditions slackening enough in mid
afternoon that our moderate stir craziness finally got us going the last 50
miles or so to our cache point.

m_unstrap everything
Unstrap everything
m_unloading the cache
Unloading the cache… this plus re-stowing what went back with us took several hours.
m_refuel time
Refuel time


Cache in place and marked, dramatically.
m_mike leans into the wind
Mike Leans into the wind

Unloading, calculating how much fuel and oil to keep for the return trip, and re-lashing our loads took a surprisingly long time. The trip has along approximately 300 ratchet straps, and every one of them had been in service. Mike noted that he’d grown fond enough of
ratchet straps to consider options for ratchet strap destruction and torture – target practice, torch melting etc, while Zoe wandered the fields of ratchet straps looking lost and forlorn. I proudly just stuffed the whole heap of them into Mike’s bag and called it good. That can of worms will wait for another day! At least it got us on our way in the improving weather. As
we took off toward Summit, the evening turned into a beautiful, calm, clear night and we resolved to drive on late. Increasing fatigue at the handlebars from all parties finally lead to us slapping up the tent and flopping into bed around 2am. This morning is beautiful and calm out as I write the post, though our ever-reliable forecast is for winds. Eager to get on the road in this good weather everyone is packing up as I write.

m_nice sun dogs came out in the evening
Nice sun dogs came out in the evening

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