Super-glue, chain case oil flavor snow cones.

We spent the day today working to get re-packed for the scientific portion of our traverse. Part of this was unpacking from the last trip. 800 miles or so, bouncing over continuous suburban speed bumps at speeds the speed bumps were designed to prevent is hard on things. Though we made a serious effort at packing well, the trail showed us everywhere we left a gap. Plastics usually are the culprit, as they behave poorly and unpredictably in the cold. Some cords and containers we tested in the cold room at CRREL (-20F) that seemed fine, totally shattered at -40F on the traverse. None of the damage was that serious, but Mike got to spend a few hours sorting our spare nuts, bolts, and hardware out of petrochemical snow slushy (nicely contained in an action packer) that was the result of super-glue and spare chain case oil containers failing in the cold. Ben and Jerry’s just might have a new flavor there. I added cold-ready cords to our several of our appliances that had broken and mounted our differential GPS antenna to a sled. Nate worked on building up another sled to haul some light, but bulky gear, working shirtless in the over-heated garage, and drawing more than a few comments from passing summit crew members. Zoe, still around due to a flight delay today, has been finishing up calibrating our ground penetrating radar, and collecting a few samples here near summit. If the plane comes in with our last barrel of fuel, our plan is to push out sometime tomorrow afternoon to our first science station!

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