Out and back

We finally got everything strapped down last night around midnight and headed out for our first science station about 40 miles west of camp. The gravitational force field around camp is strong, however. About halfway out Tesla started to misfire, hiccup, and spit fuel out her exhaust, then refused to rev up or pull, and finally stalled. Not yet sure what’s wrong with her, but with fading energy, cold temps, and a bitter crosswind, we took a waypoint, dropped our loads, strapped the broken machine onto a sled and headed back in. When we arrived back at camp in the wee hours we all promptly crashed until lunchtime today. Now we’re headed out to see if we can figure out what is wrong with Tesla – she’s acting like we have bad fuel again, but we’ve been trying to be quite careful. about what fuel we put into the machines. Maybe water in the gas? Maybe a problem with her timing or computer?  


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