Let the Science begin!

Written by Mike Stewart

We successfully made our turnaround at Summit Station and have now returned to the field.  It was a jam-packed and eventful stay at Summit Station, not to mention a grand changing of the guard! Zoe hopped on the outbound C-130 flight and has rejoined work, family, and life in New England. She will be our HQ, Command Central, for the length of the traverse. The empty saddle that she’s left on the snow machine “Archimedes” is now filled by Nate. You’ll have noticed another change if you’ve checked in on our tracking system… there is no more “Tesla”. This was Chris’s machine and our lead dog for the fuel cache run. Sadly, she broke down with mechanical failure and we have replaced her with “Zeus”! This formidable alpha does not have a GPS bread crumb tracker hard wired in (just like my machine, “Neptune”), so you will only see where Nate is. We, however, never stray any further than about 100 meters from him. Here are just a few images from our return to the ice sheet. The whole of the transit yesterday was done under an awe-inspiring, full, circumsolar halo. It felt wonderful to surround ourselves again with a ring of open horizon.  Today we gear up to head onwards to our 2nd science station!

Return to the ice sheet

Solar halo

The fleet


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