Lunchito; the Manifold Destiny

Written by Mike Stewart

It’s high time we introduced one of the most popular parts of the
expedition…. the “Lunchito”. This is the name that Chris christened our lunch
time burritos with. And our oven for cooking them? The snow machine engine
space! The S.A.G.E. expedition is carrying forward the torch raised in the
1950’s cult movement known as “Manifold Destiny”.

Manifold Destiny Book Cover "A literary and culinary classic"

Manifold Destiny Book Cover “A literary and culinary classic”

The whole concept being to
cook your fare under the hood of your great American motorcar. Why let that
heat go to waste? Make wastey heat into tasty meat! A Ford Smorgasbord, a
Dodge Hodgepodge. Well, we decided to capitalize on the snow machine exhaust
heat and design a perfectly-packaged-power-packed-pocket that could be
heated, in hands off fashion, while we motored about the ice sheet.

Cooking on 4 burners at Sweetland Farm kitchen

Cooking on 4 burners at Sweetland Farm kitchen

All of the ingredients were gathered into the Sweetland Farm kitchen, and a
Lunchito production assembly line roared to life! I brought homemade Caribou
sausage from our fall hunt in the arctic circle of Alaska, Chris and Norah
brought out homemade goose sausage, ground venison, locally raised bacon,
and their farm eggs and veggies. Every burner on the stove flamed away while
cheese was grated, packages of 200 tortillas opened, and containers of
pesto, pasta sauce, and Indian curry lined up for serving. While Norah and
Rory cooked at the stove, Chris and Mike loaded, folded, and foiled ’em for
the freight flight north! You could hardly see through the billowing clouds
of meat fog!

Conveyor belt construction line

Conveyor belt construction line


Pile 'em high and let 'em fly

Pile ’em high and let ’em fly


Each Lunchito was labeled in a code for it’s contents… VBOP
(Venison, Bacon, Onion, and Pasta Sauce), CPR (Caribou, Pesto, and Rice),
EGOB (EGG, Goose Sausage, Onion, and Bacon), etc. And the common theme for
each (so intrinsic that it didn’t even need to be included in the code:

Next stop: high arctic

Next stop: high arctic

We had ordered manufactured metal cooker cases, specifically made to be
mounted on snow machine exhaust manifolds, called “hot dog cookers”. But
these never made it in our shipping order to Greenland! We had traveled up
to Kangerlussuaq with three coolers containing nearly 200 Lunchitos,
critical to our midday meal plan (this is the busiest science and sampling
part of the day, with no time for breaking out the stove and cooking) and we
had NO hot dog cookers!! Time to make a redneck jury-rig! We found aluminum
tea pots at the local Kangerlussuaq supply depot and, Voila, “Manifold

The jury-rigged tea pot cooker!!

The jury-rigged tea pot cooker!!

Tell your friends, check out the cult-classic book by the name, roll up a
Lunchito and jam it under your hood in a tin can for your commute, these
things are simply divine. I close here with a photo of Zoe, during our 800
mile fuel cache run, loading up some Snow Machine Cuisine.

Zoe loads a lunchito in for cooking!

Zoe loads a lunchito in for cooking!

4 thoughts on “Lunchito; the Manifold Destiny

  1. I’m definitely sharing this post with Ed so he can enjoy the image of “billowing clouds
    of meat fog” (a move that Rory will approve, I’m sure!)

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