The Route


We plan to be out for about 43 days, from April 24-June 6 and will cover approximately 2100 miles of travel on the Greenland ice sheet during that time.

Our route will be to transit from Summit Station North along a route taken by Carl Benson in the 1950’s, past the NEEM deep ice core drilling camp some 400 miles north and then on toward Thule airforce base. Due to danger in the crevasse zone at the edge of the ice sheet, we won’t make it down to Thule. Along this leg of the route, some of Carl’s historic measurements will be repeated to understand how the ice sheet has changed over the past 60 years.

After setting up 5 autonomous measurement stations, eating a lot of food and burning much of our fuel, we’ll turn North and East several thousand pounds lighter in a bit more free-form part of the journey to cover new ground on the way home.

For those of you following our exact locations – you’ll note that we head out for a fast run north about 350 miles during the first several days of our expedition, then turn around and come back to Summit. Because we have too much cargo and could not get a fuel drop placed out ahead of time, we will be driving north to deposit our own fuel cache to return to later before we head out at a more lumbering pace with all of the scientific gear.

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